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Discover the benefits of wearing Pyjamas to sleep | Egatex.

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When it comes to sleeping our body needs maximum comfort to achieve an optimal rest and, for this, we must choose properly the type of clothes that we will wear during the night, since it influences our day to day more than you imagine.

For this reason and, so that you can rest well, at Egatex we tell you the benefits of wearing Pyjamas.

Helps you get a better rest

According to specialists, proper regulation of body temperature is the key to restful sleep and should be found at a midpoint, neither too hot nor excessively cold.

One of the benefits of wearing Pyjamas is that it can keep your body at the perfect sleeping temperature.

This will make it easier to fall asleep, not only will you fall asleep faster, but you'll also reach the REM phase much sooner.


Improves circulation

Daily clothing is not an option when it comes to sleeping, being tight on certain parts of the skin can become uncomfortable and even prevent proper blood circulation. Another benefit of wearing Pyjamas is releasing tension in areas where other types of clothing tighten.

The elastic rubbers that incorporate the Pyjamas are the reason why this garment adapts to our body, just as they do in the underwear and, in this way, the skin does not tighten and, consequently, neither do the tissues under it, obstructing the passage of blood.

Avoid the heat in summer

High temperatures during the summer are aproblem when it comes to going to bed, because the heat causes us to sweat excessively or that our mattress gets too hot, if you don't have air conditioning, one of the benefits of wearing Pyjamas is to regulate the temperature of your body without sweating too much.

Short-sleeved T-shirts or suspenders paired with shorts, or nightgowns, leave limbs free allowing your skin to vent.

Another benefit of wearing Pyjamas is to keep your body temperature cool so as not to wake up in heat in the middle of the night; for this reason the fabrics used for its manufacture are breathable.

Contributes to the repair of our cells

At night, during rest hours, the body secretes some hormones to restore skin cells.

This process is responsible for preserving the firmness and freshness of the skin, preventing premature aging. For its proper development this hormone called melatonin needs a warm body temperature.

This means that the ambient temperature must be below 21 degrees at night.

Among the benefits of sleeping in Pyjamas instead of sleeping in daily clothes is to avoid the heat on our skin.

Avoid diseases on your skin

Both your skin and brain need a few hours a day of restful sleep to function properly.

Throughout the day we are exposed to high levels of contamination, for this reason a Pyjamas that allows adequate ventilation to your skin will allow you to release the waste and toxins that you have accumulated during the day.

One of the benefits of wearing Pyjamas is to ensure proper ventilation of the epidermis, thus preventing external agents from causing skin diseases.

Similarly, Pyjamas provide the air needed for your skin to breathe, helps it detach from the remains of sweat and allows it to dry out, thus preventing the appearance of fungi in the armpits, intimate parts and also vaginal infections.

Reduce your stress levels

Cortisol, the hormone that our body releases in response to stress, builds up in our system throughout the day and the best way to get rid of it is to try to sleep an average of 8 hours in a row.

Freedom of movement coupled with perfect body temperature are some of the benefits of wearing Pyjamas.

Wearing wide clothing with soft tissues keeps the heat of our muscles at a low temperature, helping to remove cortisol.

Predisposes your mind to rest

The predisposition of the mind helps us prepare to do any activity, from going to work, to the gym or just going to bed at night. Maintaining a daily routine tells our brains what plans to follow each day.

Performing an action as simple as putting on your Pyjamas half an hour before going to bed relaxes the body and prepares it to enter to fall asleep more easily. Therefore, one of the benefits of wearing Pyjamas before going to bed is falling asleep faster.

Increase your productivity

The brain takes into account the small changes to be made before starting each activity, one of them is to remove your Pyjamas to put on your clothes to go to work and in the same way when at the end of the day you put your Pyjamas back on.

Another benefit of wearing Pyjamas is noticeably when waking up in the morning as it prepares your mind for the next activity.

Improve your mood

Sleeping in Pyjamas will give you a good rest and therefore an excellent mood during the day.

These are just a few benefits of wearing Pyjamas to rest at night, always opt for this garment. Enter our blog if you want to know more tips of this type, and do not hesitate to visit our online store, Egatex.


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