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What is Streetwear? Everything you need to know | Egatex

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What is Streetwear? Beyond a trend in dress, it is a way of life arising from the urban culture typical of the streets of big cities. A response from young people doing sport and dancing, in popular areas of New York,to fashion imposed on the big catwalks by recognized firms.

Strictly speaking, what isstreetwear ? "Streetwear. It began specifically on the streets of the Bronx, Harlem and Queens, throughout the 80's through the iconic artistic and cultural movement known as Hip-Hop, the first to influence Streetwear style.

The songs that inspired a young and rebellious lifestyle took to the streets in the dances and clothing of those who practiced or simply enjoyed this style of music.

The message of the young people on the streets reached brands like Louis Vuitton and Dior, as well as other big designer clothing brands, which included the now popular streetwear in their creations. Do you want to know more about streetwear? Read on, at Egatex we'll tell you all about this unique lifestyle and show you our collection.

What is Streetwear? Get to know its variants

When we think of streetwear, the first thing that comes to mind is that worn by "rebel" boys and girls. It's time to break with this stereotype, because streetwear fashion is very versatile. Its models range from casual to the most chic and elegant. Do you want to know what Streetwear is? Here we tell you the most popular versions.

Rocker Streetwear: How does this style go?

What do streetwear and rock have in common? The latter influenced the former not only with the music, but also with the clothes worn by the great rockers on stage.

Leather pieces such as jackets and trousers are some of the basic garments that you should introduce in your wardrobe. What is the type of rock streetwear clothing?

  1. 1. Black coloured clothing.
  2. 2. Black high top boots.
  3. 3. Get contrasts with black or printed t-shirts.

Hip-hop streetwear

The fathers of streetwear fashion hit the streets of the Bronx and Harlem with baggy pants and signature basketball shoes.

  1. 1. The polo shirts are usually slightly larger.
  2. 2. Wear denim and sleeveless vests.
  3. 3. Don't forget to wear accessories, such as dark glasses and long chains.

Streetwear Skater

While the streets of New York were full of young people wearing baggy clothes, black trousers and long chains, in California, another style of streetwear emerged in the 80s, the skateboarding scene.

Dozens of youngsters on roller boards rode their skateboards through the avenues and winding streets with staircases doing pirouettes on their skateboards. The clothing was slightly different from that of the East Coast, this time the tones were lighter and more colorful.

  1. 1. Prints and earthy colors and black.
  2. 2. Short, baggy Bermuda shorts.
  3. 3. Round-toed sneakers.
  4. 4. Accessories, such as wristbands and bracelets.

Stylish streetwear? Get to know the characteristics of this more conservative style

  1. 1. The elegant touch is given by formal scarves and coats.
  2. 2. It's still a comfortable style, with jeans and light, basic T-shirts.


What is Egatex Streetwear? Get to know our options

Here's a selection of items to keep you comfortable and on-trend with unique streetwear pieces:

Black winter dress

A plain, loose-fitting dress with zips at the neckline. You'll get an elegant yet casual touch with this polyester and Japanese style sleeved outfit.

Black is never out of tone in the streetwearstyle

If you still don't know what streetwear style is, choose this polyester dress in grey and black tones, and wear it yourself. Combine it with black tights and high boots for a perfect streetwear outfit.

Streetwear chic with a casual coat

Let it not be said that streetwear can't be chic. The coats available from the brand Señoretta will make you think otherwise. An example of this is the model in soft and pleasant to the touch fabric, ideal to wear on cold autumn days on casual occasions.

You already know what streetwear is: now learn where to wear it

Streetwear fits into any kind of event you have during the day. Whether you're going to class, out for a walk, shopping or to a party, it's perhaps the most versatile style you'll see on the street.

however, it's best worn for more casual occasions. You should not wear a "streetwear" style to communion parties, weddings or all those events where etiquette is the norm.


Streetwear: What you should not miss in your wardrobe

One of the most economical looks to be always in fashion is the Streetwear. Although one of its most important features are the brands, nothing prevents you from updating your wardrobe with garments that will get you out of trouble on more than one occasion.

  • - A white t-shirt
  • - A grey sweatshirt
  • - A dark-colored hoodie sweater.
  • - A denim shirt
  • - A blue jean.
  • - A denim or leather jacket.

If you want to know more about what streetwear is, visit our website. At Egatex we have the best streetwear garments for you to look stylish on all your days away from home. If you have any doubts or questions you can contact usat


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