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Egatex offers a variety of men's pyjamas in both long and short lengths to dress up in all seasons: a pair of terry knit or fleece pyjamas will be the perfect outfit to wear on the coldest winter days; choose cotton pyjamas to stay cool and light in the warmer seasons.

Don't miss out on our exclusive Soy Underwear sleepwear line either. When it comes to dressing comfortably and stylishly at home, our stores carry the most recognized brands in Spain. Buy them, match them and complement them with your favourite pyjamas.

Advantages when choosing our men's pyjamas

Lookbook guide and size range: Our online system allows you to browse through our lookbook to get the best idea of what you will look like in the pyjamas you want to choose.

Plus, our sizing system gives you a range of sizes to choose from, all ranging from S to 3XL. The best part? you can buy men's pyjamas at home!

Different styles: Whether it's a classic style, casual or more sporty, at Egatex you'll find the right men's pyjamas for you. Stylish crossover gowns will complement your more formal pyjamas with a classic and chic look. If you prefer a more sober and simple classic pyjamas, with our complete unicolor pyjamas with trousers and sweatshirt you will feel comfortable, fresh and well dressed.

T-shirts and shorts: A classic sleepwear classic for men who prefer to wear few clothes to bed. One of the advantages of this traditional pair of garments of your short pyjamas for men, is that you can combine them and make several looks. Simplicity and comfort in two pairs of sets and multiple combinations.

Men's winter pyjamas

It's been a while since men's pyjamas went from being an outfit just to go to bed, its use has been extended to be at home all day, comfortable and presentable.

For this reason, you can now choose between sober, complete, short pyjamas, of multiple textiles and in an infinite number of designs and prints. The men's winter pyjamas you can choose from at Egatex have various levels of thermal insulation (TOG) ranging from 2 to 5 for the coldest of the cold.

Men's velour pyjamas

Our lightweight basic pyjamas in velour (viscose blend) are perfect for nights in between seasons. Full pajama design, comfortable and lightweight. In grey, without patterns or appliqués, making it ideal for those who know that less is more. It offers a thermal insulation of 2.5 for cool days and nights, without the cold pressing.

Men's summer pyjamas

When summer arrives, it's often time to renew the wardrobe, and that's when the desire to buy men's pyjamas in the coolest models to be inside the house starts to appear. Check out the variety of Pyjamas styles, prints and the best textiles we have at Egatex.

The lightest for summer are usually silk dressing gowns. Wear it if you're itching for extreme elegance and good taste. Silk is the perfect textile for summer, because it allows air to circulate throughout the loose-fitting men's pyjamas.

Men's full pyjamas

Another of the perfect models for a hot summer, are the cotton pyjamas. The open pyjamas with diamond print have the comfort and style to make you spend cool and chic days at home. Its 100% cotton composition ensures that you'll have a pleasant summer.

Men's sleepwear

A classic among the clothes to go to bed are the sleeping gowns for men. We're in an era where homewear, or fashion inside the home, is more prevalent than ever. That's why at Egatex we have men's dressing gowns made from soft, comfortable, lightweight fabrics for comfort.

Keep in mind that ageing clothes do you a disservice. If it's comfort you're looking for, put away those old tracksuits or pyjamas. Being comfortable and looking good is possible with the same garment. We will show you the models of the Soy Underwear line, with their attractive designs.

Polar Tuxedo Fleece Coat

Our men's Pyjamas are made of synthetic fibers that together with polyester and cotton make it an excellent coat for its comfort and warmth. In addition, they are soft to the touch, and unlike what they look like, they are quite light.

This model of polar tuxedo coat is a clear example of our models that will dress you very elegant and comfortable, even at home. A lightweight men's polar fleece robe, from TOG 3, that works perfectly in seasons like autumn and spring, paired with your pyjamas is the perfect choice.

If you want to stay warmer, this herringbone print Pyjamas and robe can be worn as another layer of clothing over your favourite pyjamas. It's comfortable, has pockets on the sides and is very lightweight. Dries quickly after washing.

Variety of options in men's pyjamas, in the most classic or modern styles; in the diversity of textiles and thermal insulation for all seasons, we have them just a click away in our online store.

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