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What is TOG in a garment

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A value in TOG is an indicator of a textile's insulation capacity. The higher the value in TOG, the higher the degree of thermal insulation of the material.

Average value in TOG for sleeping and home textiles

0.5 in TOG - ambient temperature: above 26oC (Flat fabric Pyjamas of light materials such as cotton or viscose or crepe)

1.0 in TOG - ambient temperature:23oC - 24oC (woven in single cotton sweater or modal)

2.0 in TOG - ambient temperature:20oC - 22oC (cotton or plush piqué robes)

2.5 in TOG - ambient temperature:19oC - 20oC (Cotton Interlock or Jacquard robes)

3 in TOG- Ambient temperature: 18o C- 20o C (velvet Pyjamas, curl robes, padded Jacquard robes, plush robes)

4 in TOG- Ambient temperature: 12oC- 18oC (coralline Pyjamas, borreguito robes, coral robes)

Why are TOG values so important when buying a garment to be at home?

Today in our homes the heaters and stoves interfere with the heat capacity of the garments and if we do not choose the right fabric we can risk being overwhelmed by excess heat or on the contrary that the garment does not meet our expectations.

For this reason, it is important to know if the garment will give us too much heat, depending of course on the ambient temperature of our homes. Many times we tend to dress at home in too many clothes (layer on layer) or get too warm being able to do without so many overlapping garments if we had chosen the TOG properly. In addition to the risk of heatstroke or just a temperature rise can cause anxiety and sleep problems.

It doesn't matter what material you buy to be at home. Both natural and synthetic clothing are suitable for covering us up and giving us warmth.

If you know the value in TOG of clothing (home) and ambient temperature, you can predict whether you will have too much heat in your home or on the contrary you will need something that a higher TOG.

Since each person can respond differently when tucked in and dressed, it is important to periodically check if they are comfortable, feeling our necks and feet (the skin should not be wet or cold).

The weight of a garment also influences heatstroke. The heavier the fabric, the greater the heat exhaustion and the less comfort to rest or sleep.

The TOG value of a sheet and Nordic cover is virtually identical (0.5 TOG).

How hot is 1 TOG?
A Pyjamas of our brand has on average between 1 and 2 TOG.

A robe of our brand has on average about 3 TOG.

What is the value in TOG for us to sleep safely and comfortably?

The value in TOG for a Pyjamas or nightgown is between 1 and 2 TOG maximum.

For this calculation, it is considered a normal body temperature of between 36.5oC and 37.5oC and an ideal ambient temperature of 18oC to 20oC.

As a general rule, for the safety and comfort of sleep a TOG of between 1.5 and 2 can be maintained with an ambient temperature of between 18oC and 20oC. In that case, use a thin blanket or a light Nordic.

In any case, we must take into account that the TOG value is indicative and that the choice of one or the other value depends on how hot or cold a person is.


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