Men's underpants: which one to choose?

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If you are thinking of going to men's lingerie stores to renew your underwear wardrobe background you need to choose the underpants according to your figure. If you want your body to look stylized, it's essential that you start by choosing the right one for you.

Men's underwear: choose the right underpants for you.

Boxer underpants

The long, loose underpants are the most appropriate if you're overweight. Also, don't worry about your image when you're with your partner because they've been fashionable for a few years. However, ely it in monocolor or in a small, discreet print. In addition, it is very comfortable to go around the house, being able to combine it with a robe to be in the house of men.

Slip or brief style

The underpants of a lifetime, the one you were sure to wear when you were little. A little tight and leaving the whole leg exposed. It's the most suitable if you want to look a little more stylized. In turn, it is very comfortable, as it usually wears a fly to go to the bathroom without problems. In this type of underpants deserve your attention the medium cut and the low cut.

Boxer slip

It's a mix between the boxer and the slip. It's tight as a slip but long as a buttoner. It's perfect if you want to look figure with or without clothes. Suitable for slender bodies. Which color to choose? White denotes neatness, black is sexy without stridentity and squeaky colors are perfect for metrosexuals. Perfect for the most daring.


It is a underpants designed to cover the intimate parts that is used when going to play a sport. In addition to maintaining moisture better, minimize any shocks this area may receive.


This is a very daring underpants andsexy. It's the right one if you're tall and thin. It is also suitable for any man who is going to wear tight trousers and who does not want to be pointed out or wrinkled on the garment.

Long underpants or Long John

Similar to lady's leggings, it's a shortskin for colder days. In addition, for your convenience, they can even be used, with men's Pyjamas function.

Some tips when choosing boxer underpants and other models

Look for quality. A poor-quality underpant can cause chafing to come out and your skin doesn't sweat properly. Remember, your underpants shouldn't oppress you. It is convenient that you feel comfortable and not be disturbed.

Now that you know the different options, make no mistake when choosing the most suitable men's underwear when you go to any of the men's lingerie stores in your city.


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