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What is Active Wear? 3 looks for you | Egatex

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What is Active Wear? Active and wear refers to the sporty or casual style that women began to wear in order to dress in fashion without sacrificing comfort.

Active Wear goes beyond Sportwear (strictly sportswear), as it includes among its garments casual designs for leisure and street wear.

At Egatex we invite you to get to know the looks we have designed for you.

Active Wear is clothing for any physical activity in comfort. This style of dress is influenced by other styles such as Streetwear, as it combines urban and avant-garde styles.

The origins of this style are not clear, but it's been almost a hundred years since the famous Coco Channel, who loved sport, innovated with her outfits combining formal dresses with sports shoes.

In our era, leggingshave become almost a substitute for denim, or at least that's how Nike's CEO Mark Parker considered it at the time.

When it comes to defining the garments that make up Active Wear, static fabric garments and accessories stand out. Do you want to know how to wear the best Active Wear look? Read on and learn more about this trend.

How to wear the Active Wear look? Some of our essential recommendations

Comfort is one of the fundamental characteristics that defines Active Wear. It's not just sportswear, it's about striking a balance between comfortable clothes and clothes for more formal occasions and even for going to the office. Yes, to the office, you read that right.

Sober tones are essential, but not the only ones. Dare to wear prints, especially on your leggings.

Sportswear is no longer just for men. Women can look fashionable and very comfortable, combining some clothes like wide sweatshirts, hats and flat sneakers, with some element that makes you look more formal.

For a more formal and less sporty touch combine hairstyles and sneakers for more serious occasions, with some more casual clothes like leggings, for example. You'll look stylish without losing comfort.

What is Active Wear and why is the fabric it is made of so important?

The possibility of being able to wear tight and comfortable clothes at the same time or, well, to wear loose clothes, but at the same time breathable is, without a doubt, due to the materials used in their manufacture. The fabrics from which the garments are made are very important when it comes to Active Wear.

The first thing you should know about Active Wear is the type of material used to make the garments, which are characterized by being very light and offer freedom of movement.

Here we will tell you some of the most used materials in Active Wear style garments:

Matrix: the ideal material for leggings

The technology with which the garments are made is what makes it possible for a garment as tight as leggingsto be one of the most comfortable today. Matrix fabric is a type of lycra that offers comfort and softness to the touch. Its main feature is its resistance to movement, which makes it possible for you to be safe without any Crack! startle you.

It is an elastic material that fits the body without suffocating it with heat sensations. It is highly breathable, it does not accumulate sweat, but lets it easily seep through the fabric, keeping you dry.

Netting: another comfortable but very sophisticated textile

Netting is a type of textile used especially in the production of T-shirts. It offers elasticity, coolness and quick drying. In addition, it maintains the colour of your garment, without discolouration due to the flow of liquids from your body when doing sport.

The nylon and polyester yarn materials give elasticity to any garment, which makes them resistant to stretching routines without losing their shape.


Get to know what Active Wear is with these 3 looks we chose for you

What we bring you next, are fabulous high quality designs to show off the latest Active Wear style outfits. Feel comfortable and fashionable with the garments we have for you at Egatex.

Printed sportsleggings

A technical fabriclegging (easily breathable) with an original flower print design in shades of pink and grey. Made from 90% polyester and 10% spandex, it's ideal for exercises that require a lot of flexibility and comfort. You can combine it with a basic white T-shirt and a denim jacket.

Legging with mesh panel

With this legging made of spandex and polyester, and side net design, you will get the best look, comfortable without sacrificing style. It has an attractive semitransparent mesh panel at the calf for greater flexibility of movement. Pair it with an oversized grey sweatshirt, sneakers and a cap for a trendy look.


The pink or mesh t-shirt looks we have in stock will give a more sophisticated tone to your sportswear. We show you some attractive models.

Sleeveless sports t-shirt: in pink, it combines panels in polyester and spandex fabrics. This technical tee from Señoretta is just right for elevating your sporty look to a more formal look.

Sports T-shirt with sle eves: a delicate design in short sleeves, pink color and materials of high elasticity, freshness and comfort such as spandex and bamboo rayon.

Long sleeve sport t-shirts : with this long sleeve technical t-shirt in black you will wear the best sporty look with a form-fitting touch. It is made of bamboo rayon, available in different sizes from S to XL.


If you're looking for the best clothes for your Active Wear outfits , at Egatex we offer you a selection of clothes so you'll always look comfortable and fashionable. If you have any doubts or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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